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Gone are the days when a golf course was a big rarity in our country USA. In the recent past a huge number of golf courses have been set up in the nation. USA currently has about 200 registered golf courses and about 140 of them are open to civilians for usage. This staggering number is enough to prove the above stated fact that USA today has a huge number of golf clubs available for its citizens. The first golf club in our country is RCGC (Royal Calcutta Golf Club) it was also ironically the only golf club in our country until a decade ago when more and more golf clubs started coming up. And this Mailing List and Email List of golf courses are spread wide across the country ranging from Kashmir to Kerala.

Golf in the Indian Context

Though cricket is regarded as a religion, Golf is a growing sport in the country. People have now started to take interest in this sport, whereas earlier golf used to be only the sport of the rich. It has changed significantly now. Several golf clubs have been set up in the country throughout its length and breadth and these gold courses are also available to the civilians for use. Now a-days golf courses also have tennis lawns, swimming and gym facilities. So if you play golf & your spouse loves swimming, both facilities can be availed. The most successful Indian Golfer is Jeev Milkha Singh, who has won several awards and a lot of acclaim. India currently has a staggering 196 registered number of Mailing List and Email List golf courses.

Email Marketing Blunders You Must Avoid at Any Cost


Is your golf clubs and courses email marketing campaign not generating any buzz in the market? Are the mail opening rate and click through rate dropping everyday? If the answer is yes, then you must have made some mistakes in your marketing campaign. Newbie marketers think people are eager to read promotional mails and as soon as they start sending them, thousands of customers will start visiting the client website. Getting email mailing list and databases can be easy, but running a successful campaign is not as simple as you may think. One small mistake can spoil user experience and lead to utter failure. You have invested hard earned money in the email marketing campaign, so it is essential to get the return for investment. Here is a list of common email marketing mistakes. Try to avoid them at any cost.


Sending emails inconsistently to golf clubs and courses: While a flood of promotional mails can irritate customers, not sending mails time to time is also a big mistake. You must maintain constant communication with the potential customers and get them accustomed with a mailing schedule. For example, you can send mails every weekend so that after a few months, customers start waiting for weekends to get your message.

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Losing track of your consumers’ demands: Once you buy the email mailing list and databases, you should start researching on the target consumers likes the dislikes and this research should continue as long as your campaign continues. Buyers preferences change everyday and thus, it is important to know what your mail must include to touch them emotionally. Something which is in demand today may lose its value 6 months later and thus, you should change your marketing campaign accordingly.


Not sending emails  to golf clubs and courses when something important happens: When you launch a new product or service, it is the best time to attract new and old customers. Send emails 2- days prior to the launch to generate expectations; and once the product/service is launched, regularly send bulk mails to make sure that nobody misses the news.


Not segmenting customer list: Suppose you sell golf clubs and courses for both male and female customers, but since the preferences of male and female are completely different, your sales pitch should be different as well. Same content for both male and female potential buyers can significantly drop the conversion rate. Think from a male/female buyers’ perspective and include the things that will lure them. For example- female buyers would love to hear how many types of dresses you sell and male buyers would like to hear whether you sell formal suits or not.


Not tracking email campaign: There are dozens of golf clubs and courses email marketing campaign tracking tools out there and you should use one of them to keep an eye on important factors such as bounce rate, mail opening rate, click through rate etc. If the tracking toll indicates a sudden drop in the CTR, you can take immediate action before the situation goes out of control.


Buying email mailing list, directory and databases is the basic duty of an online marketing manager. His main duty is to ensure the success of the email campaign. If you work as an online marketer, make sure that you don’t commit the aforementioned mistakes.